Getting your Home ready for sale

  1. Prepare Your Home: • Clean and declutter property. • Make necessary repairs and updates. • Consider staging your home for better presentation. (This step is important because you want to impress clients as they walk through or see your home)
  2. Determine the Right Price:
    • Research recent comparable sales (comps).
    • Consult with a real estate agent for a competitive price. (Pricing is critical especially in this market. If you consult and listen to the expert advice your house will sell and you can start your new adventure.)
  3. Find a Real Estate Agent:
    • Select a reputable agent to help with the sale. (Interview me. Ask me about my strategies, where your property will be showcased. How I will market the property. Ask for testimonials
  4. Legal and Financial Preparation:
    • Gather all property-related documents.
    • Settle any outstanding mortgages or liens.( The best money spent is to have your own inspection done and a CO search to avoid any issues later. Saves time and negotiations
  5. Marketing:
    • Create a marketing plan with your agent.
    • Professional photography and virtual tours.( I post daily to all major social media sites and with the help of RCG Mortgage your property will be displayed beautifully.)
  6. Disclosure:
    • Provide full disclosure of known issues to buyers. (Make sure we go over all the documents with you.)
  7. Showings:
    • Make your home available for viewings.
  8. Negotiation:
    • Be prepared to negotiate offers.
  9. Acceptance:
    • Once you accept an offer, sign the purchase agreement. ( Congratulations)
  10. Inspections:
    • Cooperate with the buyer’s inspections. (As I said earlier we already know what to expect.)
  11. Appraisal:
    • Accommodate the property appraisal process.
  12. Title and Escrow:
    • Work with the title company and escrow officer.(Usually the buyer runs title search and escrow is in your attorney’s account
  13. Closing:
    • Sign the necessary documents at the closing. ( You will see paper everywhere and slowly they will become 3 neat piles.)
  14. Move-Out:
    • Plan for your move-out after closing.
  15. Handover:
    • Transfer keys, access, and information to the new owner.
  16. Post-Sale Tasks:
    • Cancel utilities and notify service providers.
  17. Tax Considerations:
    • Consult with a tax professional about capital gains.

Remember, working with a qualified real estate agent can greatly simplify the process and help you navigate each step effectively.

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