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Who pays the Real Estate Fees?

Who Pays the Real Estate Fees?

In the world of real estate transactions, one question that often arises is: Who pays the real estate fees? This question can be a source of confusion for many people, especially those who are new to buying or selling property. To help clear up any confusion, let's take a closer look at how real estate fees are typically handled.

Real Estate Fees Explained

Real estate fees, often referred to as commissions, are the fees paid to real estate agents or brokers for their services in facilitating a real estate transaction. These fees are usually based on a percentage of the final sale price of the property and are typically paid by the seller.

Seller Pays the Commission

In most real estate transactions, the seller is responsible for paying the real estate commission. This is because the seller is the one who is benefiting from the services of the real estate agent or broker. The commission is usually agreed upon when the seller signs a listing agreement with the agent or broker.

Buyer's Agent Commission

In some cases, the buyer's agent's commission is also paid by the seller. This is often the case in a traditional real estate transaction where the buyer has their own agent representing them. The commission for the buyer's agent is typically negotiated as part of the listing agreement.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

In a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transaction, where the seller is not using a real estate agent or broker, there are no real estate fees paid to a listing agent. However, the buyer's agent may still expect to receive a commission, which is typically negotiated between the buyer's agent and the seller.

Other Fees

In addition to real estate commissions, there may be other fees associated with a real estate transaction, such as closing costs, which are typically paid by both the buyer and the seller. These costs can include things like title insurance, attorney fees, and transfer taxes.


In conclusion, the question of who pays the real estate fees ultimately depends on the specific details of the real estate transaction. In most cases, the seller is responsible for paying the real estate commission, but there are exceptions, such as in FSBO transactions or when the buyer has their own agent. It's important for both buyers and sellers to understand how real estate fees are handled in their particular situation to avoid any misunderstandings during the transaction process.

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